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MCE has a long history of delivering innovative solutions to the elevator control industry: From the 12-Pulse Drive and M3 Group Dispatching—to Torqmax Drives and the SmarTraq door operator. MCE established a customer service department in the 1980s and developed technical expertise second to none in the industry.

MCE is at the forefront of the industry’s understanding and implementation of A17.1/B44 code requirements. MCE’s latest innovation, iControl, provides the marketplace with the next generation in elevator control technology.

MCE engineers have created the industry's most diverse and comprehensive line of elevator control products. MCE’s sophisticated designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology work together to produce field-proven, reliable products.

As worldwide demand for vertical transportation technologies continues to expand, MCE will be ready with the expertise, tools and technology to provide increasingly software-based control solutions.

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