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Cal State Fullerton Opts for Freedom!

By Emery Thran, MCE’s North American Elevator Program Manager

Completing construction projects on time and on budget can be a challenge.  As the saying goes, time is money. These days, it is more critical than ever that elevator contractors install equipment that meets dependable accuracy standards to adhere to demanding construction schedules.


California State University, Fullerton, a highly regarded university in Southern California serving more than 32,000 students from 28 permanent buildings spread over 236 acres, recently accepted ownership of a unique, strategically located on-campus parking structure. The architectural design of the parking structure features glass-back elevator cabs and visually pleasing spiral staircase.

Specialized Elevator, located in nearby Santa Fe Springs, California, completed the 3-car group of MCE Freedom™ MRL complete elevators in just eleven weeks to meet the general contractors expedited schedule. Don Webster, owner of Specialized Elevator, attributes the timely completion of the parking garage to the manufactured precision of MCE’s Freedom Elevators™. “Precise mechanical designs that do not require field re-fabrication such as re-drilling or field torch work save time, money and frustration for everyone,” said Webster. “The MCE Freedom Elevators that we installed at Cal State Fullerton were the easiest elevators that I have installed during my 40 years in the business.” Webster added that his lead adjuster considered the elevators “a flawless masterpiece”, and his project manager wishes he could install Freedom Elevators every day.

Freedom Elevators™ utilize only industry standard materials available to all elevator companies. This allows the freedom to choose the installer as well as future full service maintenance providers, knowing that the elevator is designed to meet non-proprietary, serviceable and maintainable guidelines. Freedom Elevators utilize traditional wire rope suspension means along with traditional drive sheaves. This is a reliable and predictable time-tested industry technology. Relying on industry proven technology combined with the latest most efficient motor/control technology ensures that the end user gains the efficiencies without sacrificing future serviceability.  


Over the past 30 years, the elevator industry has embraced non-proprietary control technology which allows any elevator contractor to install and service long term, as well as providing the end user the ability to change service providers without sacrificing service levels or struggling to obtain materials and documentation for the new service provider.

Today’s patented proprietary elevator designs have fostered a race to develop proprietary non-NEMA standard hoist machines and related mechanical and traction means as a way to give certain OEM elevator manufactures a selling edge and future repair benefit. With the hoist machines now becoming the design cornerstone to gain efficiency, specifiers must look long term at the future full maintenance serviceability and repair paths that are viable for unique product criteria. MCE offers complete traction elevator designs including MRL elevators which can be purchased, installed, serviced and repaired by any elevator contractor.


Scott Elevator Consultants, located in Laguna Niguel, California, provided technical assistance to meet the demanding needs of the busy California State Fullerton campus environment. Knowing that performance and product longevity were two critical areas of consideration for their client, they approved the use of MCE’s Freedom MRL – MB Series, shop drawings and installation review. The MB Series is an approved product in the State of California and does not require a variance for non-standard materials.

A similar parking structure at a neighboring campus utilized a 150 fpm 3 car group of hydraulic elevators. The Cal State Fullerton parking garage features the same number of elevators, capacity, stops, openings and travel. The major difference between the two is the speed differential of 200 fpm. The car speeds are 350 fpm, yet the unseen design improvement is where the efficiency is gained. The comparative campus parking structure has 50 HP motors while the 200 fpm faster cars at the Cal State Fullerton parking structure are only 21.8 HP.  Better service, greater energy efficiency and a universal non-proprietary elevator design will prove that Scott Elevator Consulting delivered their clients a project with their future interests in mind.

Project Credits

  • Building Owner: California State University – Fullerton
  • Elevator Manufacturer: Motion Control Engineering – Freedom Elevators™
  • Elevator Contractor: Specialized Elevator
  • Elevator Consultant: Scott Elevator Consultants
  • General Contractor and Architect: Bomel Construction Company/International Parking Design

Project summary

  • 3 car group
  • MRL - ACPM Gearless 2:1
  • 350 fpm
  • 3500 lbs. capacity
  • 6 stops
  • 6 openings (front only)
  • Zone 4 seismic requirements


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