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Swifter, Higher, Stronger — Vancouver Olympic Village Soars with elevator controls and machines from MCE and Imperial Electric

Rancho Cordova, CA (December 18, 2009)

More than 3,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from around the world will be housed at the 2010 Winter Games’ newly constructed low and mid-rise apartments in the Vancouver Olympic Village. Kinetek companies, Motion Control Engineering (MCE) and Imperial Electric will play a big role, along with contractor partner Richmond Elevator, in the daily vertical transportation of these athletes as MCE Motion 4000MRL Traction Controls and Imperial Electric 400 Series AC Gearless Machines are providing the elevator control and power for 18 Olympic Village elevators.

“The Olympic Games provide a venue where world class athletes perform at the highest levels of competition,” said Ashur Kanon, MCE president. “We are proud that our own, high performing, world class products were selected for installation in the Olympic Village.”

MCE’s state-of-the-art Motion 4000MRL traction elevator package is the ideal solution when time and space are limited, and the project depends on on-time delivery, easy installation, and solid reliability. “Motion 4000MRL makes the jobs of installers, adjusters, and maintenance personnel as straightforward as possible, stressing minimal hardware requirements, simple adjustment, and enduring reliability,” stated Kanon.

“Imperial Electric’s 400 series AC Gearless Machines deliver powerful acceleration with smooth, superior ride comfort — but require minimum space due to their compact frame size,” stated Gary Ward, Imperial Electric vice president. “Imperial Electric’s “green” gearless AC machines are highly efficient, quieter than geared traction machines, and are nearly maintenance-free.”

The 18 cars will service up to 14 floors, and travel up to 350 feet per minute.

About Motion Control Engineering
Headquartered in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento), California, USA, MCE is the leader in non-proprietary elevator controllers, technical services and repair solutions for elevator modernization and new construction. MCE offers products and services in more than 20 countries and territories, and has an installed base of more than 160,000 elevator controllers.

About Imperial Electric
With more than 100 years of experience, Imperial Electric offers a complete line of products including ACPM traction machines, permanent magnet motors, AC and DC elevator motors, AC induction motors, generator sets, gear boxes, and gearing. For more information, please visit Imperial Electric’s web site at


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