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Writing a Non-Proprietary Specification

A variety of approaches have been used when writing specifications in order to ensure that the equipment provided is Non-Proprietary. Some of these include:

Non-Exclusive Language

  • Elevator control system shall be Non-Proprietary
  • Elevator control system shall not require any external Proprietary service tool
  • Elevator control system shall be serviceable and maintainable by any qualified elevator maintenance provider capable of maintaining apparatus of similar design and complexity
  • Elevator control system shall be MCE or equal

Exclusive Language

  • Elevator control system shall be manufactured by MCE
  • Elevator control system shall be MCE, no known equal

MCE’s Commitment is, and has always been to provide direct support to the “end user” and their designated maintenance company. The Building Owner’s Bill of Rights is the centerpiece of this commitment. Looking to the future, MCE will continue to provide independent, Non-Proprietary elevator control solutions. Along the way, we will seek to define, create and implement new levels of support that raise industry expectations and standards.

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