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TLS-C Terminal Limit Switches

The TLS-C Cartop Terminal Limit Switch System is a highly accurate, maintenance-free replacement for old style mechanical TM switches and contacts that are often incompatible with today’s computer based control systems. State-of-the-art TLS-C eliminates noisy rollers and cams, cumbersome lever arms and the necessity for regular cleaning and adjustment.


Switches are mounted in a cartop box—while actuating magnets are mounted on brackets attached to the guide rail.

Clearances up to 1/2 inch (13mm) help maintain a high level of accuracy over the complete range of possible car movement.

Designed for computer based control systems’ need for reliable contacts at speeds up to 2,000 fpm (10m/s).

Use for Normal Terminal Slowdown Device, Emergency Terminal Stopping or Speed Limiting Device, Access Limit and Earthquake Car to Counterweight Switch.

Switch is direction-dependent with bi-stable memory.

Choose from 12 or 16 switch models (TLS-C-12, TLS-C-16).

Switches on 1 5/16 inch centers (33.3 mm)

Switches Required

Car Speed (fpm) Pre AI7.1-2000 Switches AI7.1-2000 Switches
200 and below 6 6
201-350 10 12
351-500 12 14
501-800 14 16
801-2000 16 18*

ETS included above 200 fpm

*(TLS-C-16) & (TLS-2-2) Switches



  • Superior level of accuracy
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • High temperature and humidity tolerant
  • No RFI/EMI sensitivity

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