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Motion 4000MRL

Motion 4000 MRL - a compact solution when space is limited and performance is not negotiable

The MCE Motion 4000 MRL traction elevator package is the ideal solution when time and space are limited and your bottom line depends on on-time delivery, easy installation, and solid reliability - time after time. The 4000MRL provides service to 32 floors, speeds to 400 feet per minute*, and group control of up to 8 cars. Motion 4000MRL makes the jobs of installers, adjusters, and maintenance personnel as straightforward as possible, stressing minimal hardware requirements, simple adjustment, and enduring reliability.

*500 fpm (2.5 m/s) is possible, consult MCE for more information



  • Full-featured, Motion 4000 elevator control in a very compact enclosure (satellite drive location, fully serial interface, serial CAN linkage between circuit boards, car components,and hall calls).
  • Only final limit switches are required. Slowdown and ETS switches are eliminated.
  • No door zone magnets required.
  • Hall call fixtures are connected using lightweight, easily connected cables. This single connection provides signal communication and fixture power.
  • Absolute position/speed feedback uses a lightweight 1/2-inch wide encoded tape. Easy to hang; absolute position at all times - even under power loss.
  • Traveler and hoistway cable wire counts reduced to 7 to 12 conductors. Easy to hang and requiring less compensation.
  • Universal I/O boards for field connections accept 24 to 120 Volt inputs, AC or DC. Standard 24, 48, and 110 Volt compatibility with no board changes.


  • Factory pre-adjusted per job requirements.
  • Easy, hand-held entry device lets you make a single, inspection-speed run through the hoistway, stopping and setting floor levels as you go. Entry device connects at the car or in the machine room.
  • Selectable, pre-determined performance curves or create your own.
  • Simple parameter entry using the basic (LCD display/button entry) or optional (color/ touchscreen) entry devices.


  • Recommended "spares stock" is two boards; one universal I/O, one hall board.
  • Plug the hand-held entry device into any controller or car CAN Bus and diagnose the entire system.

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Motion 4000 MRL specifications

Car Speed
400 fpm, 2.0 mps*
Simplex/Duplex/8 car maximum group
Up to 32 with 64 openings
Drive Type
AC flux vector or DC
Motor Control
Closed loop/velocity feedback, PMAC/Induction
Landing Systems
Magnetically encoded tape, 1mm resolution
System Access
Hand-held basic or advanced user interface
iMonitor, Lift Net, IDS
Report Generation
Lobby display
Environment 32–104°F, 0–46°C, relative humidity non-condensing up to 95%; harsh enviornment rugged service available (newmay, 4x, 12)
Standard Enclosures Enclosure size may vary per specific application

*500 fpm (2.5 m/s) is possible, consult MCE for more information

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  • Full domestic and export compliance
  • Flexible component location for small machine room and machine room-less jobs
  • Absolute position/distance feedback
  • Up to 400 fpm* (2.0 m/s), 32 stops, simplex/duplex/groups to 8 cars
  • Front and rear openings (up to 64)
  • No leveling magnets, slowdown, or emergency terminal switches needed
  • Simple installation, adjustment, and maintenance
  • Minimal traveler and hoistway cable wire counts; minimal compensation requirement
  • Universal I/O with electrical protection
  • Easy setup and diagnostics

*500 fpm (2.5 m/s) is possible, consult MCE for more information


  • Serial hall call (optional)
  • Serial COP (optional)
  • Full distance feedback
  • Universal I/O (24 to 120V AC or DC)
  • DC, permanent magnet or AC induction machine compatible
  • Serial P/I or voice annunciation interface
  • iMonitor, iReport, iLobby, or IDS ready (monitoring, reporting, lobby display)


  • ASME A17.1/CSA B44-04
  • BS EN 81
  • AS 1735
  • CSA B44.1/
    ASME A/7.5
  • EN 12015 and 12016

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