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Motion 4000MRL

Motion 4000 MRL - A tailored solution for MRL hoistways

The MCE Motion 4000 MRL™ traction elevator package is the ideal solution for machine-roomless installations. 4000 MRL provides service to 32 floors/64 openings, speeds to 500 feet per minute, and group control of up to 6 cars. And, the MRL package provides a standard wavelength/infrared video-assisted rescue system, remote governor overspeed switch set/reset, and remote brake picking capability. Motion 4000 MRL makes the jobs of installers, adjusters, and maintenance personnel as straightforward as possible, stressing minimal hardware requirements, “out-of-the-box” job readiness, and simple adjustment.

*500 fpm (2.5 m/s) is possible, consult MCE for more information


  • Choose the landing system that suits the job. ELGO for fewer hardware requirements or LS-EDGE for specific code or NEMA 4X installations.
  • Final limits must be physical switches. Slowdowns may be virtual, saving installation time and effort. If required, ETS may also be virtual for ELGO landing systems; LS-EDGE systems use ETS magnets.
  • Hall call fixtures are connected serially along a simple, four-wire drop, providing signal communication and fixture power.
  • Universal I/O boards for field connections accept 24 to 120-volt inputs, AC or DC.


  • Factory pre-adjusted per job requirements.
  • Easy, hand-held device (mPAC) lets you learn and adjust floor heights and make car call entries. mPAC connects in the car, on the cartop or in the machine room.
  • Traditional MCE LCD display/keypad parameter entry.


  • Plug the hand-held mPAC into any controller or car CAN Bus port and diagnose the system.
  • Multiple, redundant, self-contained processors ensure reliable control and constant safety monitoring. Each processor is continuously aware of all system activity.
  • Components shared with MCE’s Motion 2000 hydraulic controller.
  • Available MCE TAPS (Traction Auxiliary Power Supply) for automated rescue in the event of power failure.
  • Built-in event log with 100 events.

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Motion 4000 MRL specifications

Maximum Car Speed
500 fpm, 2.5 m/s
Simplex, duplex, 6 car group
Up to 32 with 64 openings
Drive Type
Motor Control

Closed loop/velocity feedback

ELGO - 1/2 inch wide magnetically encoded tape w/1mm resolution

Landing Systems
LS-EDGE - Robust, high accuracy, perforated steel tape. NEMA 4X certified
System Access
Hand-held basic or advanced user interface
iMonitor, IDS Lift-Net™, BMS Link
Report Generation
Lobby display
Environment 32–104°F, 0–46°C, relative humidity non-condensing up to 95%; harsh enviornment rugged service available (newmay, 4x, 12)
Standard Enclosures Enclosure size may vary per specific application

*500 fpm (2.5 m/s) is possible, consult MCE for more information

User Manual Product Specification
User Manuals Data sheets


  • Full domestic and export compliance
  • Flexible component location for small machine room and machine room-less jobs
  • Absolute position/distance feedback
  • Up to 400 fpm* (2.0 m/s), 32 stops, simplex/duplex/groups to 8 cars
  • Front and rear openings (up to 64)
  • No leveling magnets, slowdown, or emergency terminal switches needed
  • Simple installation, adjustment, and maintenance
  • Minimal traveler and hoistway cable wire counts; minimal compensation requirement
  • Universal I/O with electrical protection
  • Easy setup and diagnostics

*500 fpm (2.5 m/s) is possible, consult MCE for more information


  • Serial hall call (optional)
  • Serial COP (optional)
  • Full distance feedback
  • Universal I/O (24 to 120V AC or DC)
  • DC, permanent magnet or AC induction machine compatible
  • Serial P/I or voice annunciation interface
  • iMonitor, iReport, iLobby, or IDS ready (monitoring, reporting, lobby display)


  • ASME A17.1/CSA B44-04
  • BS EN 81
  • AS 1735
  • CSA B44.1/
    ASME A/7.5
  • EN 12015 and 12016

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