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Integrated, intelligent, intuitive: the next generation in elevator control technology

Designed from the ground up using next-generation technology, iControl is the revolutionary platform that outperforms today's industry-standard controllers. How? Through integration: A system of components that work together, smoothly and automatically, to deliver the best possible performance.

iControl delivers processing performance through the intelligent iBox processor and motion performance through closed-loop-control, 16K PWM AC or 12-Pulse DC drives.

Configuration, diagnostics, and adjustments are handled through iControlware, a user-friendly software suite designed specifically for iControl. iCue software, running on a centralized dispatcher or an iBox in an elevator group, uses artificial intelligence to make optimal dispatching decisions.

An innovative, maintenance-free landing system uses sensors and magnetic encoding to ensure absolute hoistway position - without tape or switches. iControl's cartop station converts discrete car signals to serial communication for transmission to the iBox, reducing traveler cable bulk and expense.

Through high-tech electronic integration, intelligent buildings maximize efficiency, respond faster to changing user needs, and control resources at the lowest possible cost. It's precisely this kind of building-sensitive, forward-thinking integration that can maximize elevator return on investment and maintenance value - with iControl.

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iControl Specifications

  iControl AC iControl DC
Maximum Car Speed 1,800 fpm,
9.14 mps
1,800 fpm,
9.14 mps
Configuration Simplex
and group
and group
Landings 96 96
Drive Type 16K pulse width
modulation flux
vector, with optional
regenerative drive
12-pulse, fully regenerative
Motor Control velocity feedback
Landing Systems Sensors and magnetic encoding ensure absolute hoistway position
Configuration, monitoring and
iControlware suite for monitoring and changing state of
controllers/dispatchers. Includes iView, iMonitor and iReport
PC-based or embedded micro controller software intuitively
assigns hall calls to controllers
32–104˚F, 0–40˚C, humidity non-condensing up to 95%;
harsh environment rugged service options available
Standard Enclosure
42" w x 72" h x 16" d, 914.4 x 1,447.8 x 304.8 mm
enclosure size may increase per specific application


User Manual Product Specification
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  • Modernization or new construction
  • Low-rise through high-rise — up to 96 stops, as little as one inch between floors
  • Gearless or geared, induction or permanent magnet
  • Groups to 15 cars
  • 1,800 fpm, 9.15 mps


  • Intelligent — automated calibration, dispatching and traffic-handling allow iControl to learn and optimize for specific
    building requirements, increasing owner and tenant satisfaction.
  • System self-configures for standard commissioning tests — you select the test, iControl sets up for it.
  • Intuitive — Windows-based user interface is easy to learn and use, reducing installation
    time and maintenance cost.
  • Safe — the most direct, advanced solution available, designed for ASME A17.1/CSA B44 and CSA B44.1/ASME A17.5 code compliance, with robust engineering that anticipates updates.
  • Cost-effective — streamlined, fieldconfigurable hardware design. Fewer components to install, maintain or replace.
  • Flexible — modular software and hardware layers accommodate changing system needs, gracefully and economically.
  • Responsive — robust Ethernet interface facilitates secure remote monitoring, remote equipment control, remote diagnostics, even real time remote troubleshooting and adjustment.
  • Create and configure complex car and group installations off site — then upload, remotely or from the machine room. Create and re-use a “golden” file with minor adjustments from job to job.

iControl features

Powered by intelligent iBox processor and closedloop 16K PWM AC Drive, or 12-Pulse DC Drive, and supported by integrated system components:

Intelligent dispatching software

  • Powerful, software-based dispatching engine uses artificial intelligence to continually optimize dispatching decisions.
  • Easily modify, refine and scale configuration to meet changing traffic patterns.
  • Modular upgrades ensure long-term performance, flexibility and return on investment.
  • Real-time car status information delivered via high-speed, high bandwidth network for optimized response.

iControlware suite

  • Reduces traveling cable wires for labor and material savings. Plug-and-play installation reduces setup time.
  • Traveler and hoistway cable tailored for iControl. All conductors clearly labeled and color-coded. Eliminate connection errors and save installation time.
  • Prevents doors from opening unless car speed is within acceptable limits.
  • Maintains absolute position of the car during a power failure.

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