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Complete Door Operator

Modernize & Repair with SmarTraq™

MCE is proud to introduce a state-of-the-art ‘true’ closed loop door operator controller for modernization and repair.

True Closed Loop Technology

Closed loop technology is part of an electronic revolution that is changing the way elevators are designed, manufactured and modernized. It replaces older mechanical circuits, cams and resistors with a digital control system that provides precise door operation. Closed loop technology smooths and dramatically improves door operation regardless of lobby door mass and wind loading. Its motor-mount encoder does this by providing constant distance and velocity feedback.

Why Modernize?

Elevator door operation often creates the first impression of your building. It is the most visible part of your elevator system and the source of the majority of all service calls.

Upgrading with SmarTraq™ provides a noticeable performance improvement at a fraction of the cost of their system upgrades. SmarTraq™ returns your investment with increased reliability and safety, and reduced down time for repair.

From the Leader in Controller Upgrades

MCE, the company known for designing the world’s finest controller modernization solutions, now offers an upgrade solution for door operators. Whether you are a building owner, a contractor, a consultant or a maintenance provider, SmarTraq™ door modernization solutions will benefit you with superior technology and a measurable return on your investment.

  • Automatically Adjusts for Lobby Door Mass and Wind Loading
  • Brushless Motor with Integrated Encoder
  • Adapts to Widest Range of Door Operators
  • Inverter Drive-Based Controller
  • Built-in Short Circuit Protection
  • A17.1, CSA-B44.1 Compliant
  • Cartop Controller Mount

Superior Performance Adds Value, Keeps you Competitive

In the competitive landscape of commercial and residential rental property, an older building requires key upgrades in order to continue to attract tenants and maintain rental rates. SmarTraq™ is just such a key upgrade, providing smoother, quieter door operation—and operation that is more efficient. Closed loop technology ensures high performance regardless of door weight temperature or atmospheric conditions.

Reliability Means Reduced Downtime

Over their installed life, door operators open and close millions of times. Older, out-of-date operators are prone to frequent and unexpected downtime—this means higher maintenance costs and dissatisfied tenants. A modernized SmarTraq™ door controller greatly reduces downtime and saves you money.

Easy Adjustment

There are no special tools required. Access to the built-in cartop adjustment panel is easy.

Safety—It’s a Smart Investment

In addition to providing a safer work environment for your tenants, SmarTraq™ is an important element in protecting yourself against potential litigation arising from faulty door operation or fraudulent claims. Once door closing speed and still pressure are set within code tolerances, you can be certain the SmarTraq™ digital technology will maintain these settings. Consider SmarTraq™ an inexpensive alternative to the cost of a legal judgment.

Widest Adaptability

SmarTraq™ offers the widest mechanical and electrical interface on the market today. Regardless of your existing door operation, SmarTraq™ provides a cost-effective modernization and repair solution.

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