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Monitor and control elevators in real time — across the campus or across the country

Monitor elevators in real time with iMonitor from MCE. For elevators just across the hall, in multiple buildings across a campus, even multiple sites across the country, iMonitor provides real-time viewing and access. iMonitor's sharp graphical presentation and real-time connectivity provide you up-to-the-minute information and allow you to take control if needed.

iMonitor provides general views of multiple elevator groups, hoistway views of multiple cars within a group, or detailed views of selected cars. You create "connection sets" to display - each connection set consists of up to fifty connections to elevator group dispatchers, each of which may be at a different physical site.

In addition to monitoring and dispatching control, iMonitor allows you to configure hall and car call security, enable or disable special group modes of operation (i.e., lobby peak operation, flood operation, etc.), recall a car to a floor you specify and control its door operation at that floor, and enable or disable individual car operating modes including swing operation and auto-stop behavior. (Auto-stop pauses a car at a specified floor and momentarily opens its doors for content inspection before allowing it to continue its run.)

High level multi-group view

Use iMonitor's high-level views to keep a broad eye on many groups simultaneously.

Detailed single-group view

Narrow your attention to cars in a particular elevator group with a click of the mouse.

Security control view

Block floor and/or hall calls easily in emergency situations. Simply drag across the block of calls you want restricted, click Lock, then Apply to immediately place the restriction.

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  • Group status
  • iMonitor connection status
  • Group/car connection status
  • Car operating mode
  • Current travel direction
  • Next (preferred) travel direction
  • Live front and rear door activity
  • Current floor
  • Call type
  • Next destination
  • ETA information
  • Emergency power status
  • Seismic status
  • Load weigher indication
  • Swing operation status
  • Security settings


  • Place car calls
  • Place hall calls
  • Set hall call security
  • Set car call security
  • Enable/disable lobby peak
  • Enable/disable flood operation
  • Configure and initiate car recall
  • Enable/disable auto-stop
  • Enable/disable swing operation

Operating modes displayed

  • Inspection
  • Construction inspection
  • Cartop inspection
  • Car panel inspection
  • Hoistway access
  • Machine room inspection
  • Test mode
  • Fire recall main
  • Fire recall alternate
  • Fire service in-car
  • Independent service
  • Attendant service
  • Capture mode
  • Passenger mode
  • EMS recall
  • EMS in-car
  • Special service recall
  • Special service at-floor
  • Special service in-car

Per car modes displayed

  • Emergency power status
  • Seismic mode status
  • Load weigher status
  • Swing operation status
  • Sabbath operation status
  • Flood operation status
  • Auto-stop status

Dispatching information

  • Traffic mode
  • Balanced
  • Lobby peak
  • Demand up peak
  • Demand down peak
  • Automatic
  • ETA
  • Hall call
  • Non-directional call

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