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Capture, log, report and notify all key elevator data in just one tool

iReport from MCE takes advantage of the intelligence and communicating power designed into iControl elevator controls to automatically collect detailed information about minute-to-minute operation, system events, faults, and operating status. More than just a passive database tool, iReport is easily configured to automatically contact those maintenance and administrative personnel who need to be advised whenever specific events occur. You can even choose days and times when contact should be initiated.

iReport is a Windows XP native program running on a powerful Server that communicates with elevators and group dispatchers through Ethernet and TCP/IP. The Server resides on the Local Area Network with the elevator equipment. You can log on to the Server using any Windows XP PC running the iReport Client application. Your PC can be on the Local Area Network or in a remote location communicating with the Server through the Internet.

Once you are connected, all information in the current log is immediately available. Select from nine pre-configured reports, pick start and end times, and the Server instantly pulls the desired information from the database and presents it in an easily understood, graphically simple format.

Periodically, you'll want to save collected data to a file on your PC hard drive. Simply select the Export command and save all data in the current log as an XML file. If you want to review that data later, iReport easily imports the stored file and you again have report-generating capability from that data.

iReport also allows you to log maintenance activity, providing valuable information that, when correlated to event log data, may provide a predictively useful picture of system status just prior to a failure or fault.

iReport automatically collects and puts at your fingertips the kind of data you need to track the performance of your elevator systems and to monitor elevator traffic over historical periods. Samples of some iReport screens are shown below.

The Hall call log allows you to analyze hall call wait times with intelligent filtering for detail including date, time, car number, initiating call floor, riser, travel direction, door location, and minimum/maximum wait times. You may elect to flag data meeting selected wait time criteria.

The Hall call analysis report displays all hall calls placed and groups wait times according to user criteria.


User Manual Product Specification
User Manuals Data sheets


  • MCE iControl
  • MCE IMC (reduced function set)
  • MCE PHC (reduced function set)
  • Motion 2000
  • Motion 4000


  • Collect, store, recall system information for performance analysis or other need
  • Automatically alert maintenance and other selected personnel when required
  • Retain records of building elevator traffic
  • View or print report screens
  • Save historical data to XML files
  • Log maintenance activity

Preconfigured reports

  • Hall call performance
  • Hall call analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Hall call log
  • Car call log
  • Event log
  • Emergency log
  • Maintenance log
  • Percent in service

More information

  • Please contact MCE for more information about iReport. We will send you the iReport Benefits Paper detailing all reports and screens and providing other useful information.
  • Call Sales Support at 916.463.9200.

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