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MSD Multiple System Display

The Multiple System Display (MSD) software allows the personal computer (PC) user to monitor a number of MCE control systems simultaneously, providing an easy-to-understand display.

A typical application for MSD is a lobby display where several elevator systems must be monitored at the same time. Rather than an individual display device for each system monitored, the MSD software allows many systems (up to eight direct connections and up to twelve if you have an Ethernet option) to display simultaneously.

The display provides information about each elevator including its location (PI), direction of travel, the status of its doors and its general operating status.

The display is easy to view from a distance for application where the monitoring device is mounted up on a wall or viewed by a number of people at the same time.

Multiple connectivity options are available:

  • Serial cable
  • Line driver
  • Ethernet

Elevator operations at a glance

MSD Multiple System Display for Windows® is a comprehensive elevator management tool for institutions, contractors, building managers and owners with any number of elevators in the same building or even in multiple buildings. MSD provides a graphical view of your elevators in operation at a quick glance.

Elevators are easily added to the system without having to set complicated setup screens. One simple screen can take the job information and automatically connect to the job when MSD is started.

Once a job has been entered into the system the connections can easily be enabled or disabled. This allows the user the control of which elevator systems are being viewed at any time.

Customizing the Display

The display view can be customized through the following preferences:

  • Door Status
  • Position Indicator
  • Direction
  • Car Status

The Door Status can be turned on or off, be displayed in text format or as a graphic representation of the doors. The door color can be set to one of many different colors along with a separate color for the inside of the elevator cab.

The Position Indicator is an alphanumeric representation of the floor the car is currently on.

The Direction table allows the user a choice of arrow styles that indicate the direction of travel for each car.

The choice of direction arrows include:

  • Text
  • Bold Arrow
  • Skinny Arrow
  • Hollow Arrow
  • Circle Arrow

The Car Status tab allows the user to show or hide the car status messages from the display.

Car status messages include:

  • Automatic
  • Fire Phase 1
  • Fire Phase 2
  • Independent Service
  • Inspection/Access
  • Out of Service

These messages are displayed below each car to show the general operating mode of the car in real-time.

A single MSD screen displaying multiple hoistways and/or groups can be placed at a security monitoring station, in the lobby, in the building manager’s office and/or other locations throughout the building.

MSD will run on Windows 9x, NT, XP or 2000 Professional edition. For installations where several elevator groups are monitored, a 17” or 21” monitor is recommended to display elevator’s information legibly.

MSD is one of many monitoring options available for MCE controller systems. Ask your sales representative about other MCE monitoring systems.

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