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94MB Geared Traction Machine

Motion Control Engineering is now bringing geared traction machines to the North American elevator market with the introduction of the MCE 94MB Geared Traction Machine.

The 94MB is the perfect solution for mid-rise applications that will benefit both modernization and new construction projects. It has a significantly smaller footprint and requires simpler site preparation. The compact design and reduced weight allow for easy handling, installation and maintainability.

MCE’s comprehensive geared traction package includes engineered drawing packages, industry leading components, safety gears and accessories; and complete on-site service, documentation and training.

94 MB Geared Machine


  • Imperial Electric Motor
  • CSA, EN81-1, IEC34-9, -14, CEI 2-23, CEI EN 60034-9 certified
  • Oil bath worm gear unit, high strength cast iron case
  • Alloy steel worm, case hardened, stress relieved, with antiwear bronze brushings
  • Anti-friction bronze wormwheel, operatively matched to worm
  • High-strength grade, cast iron sheave
  • Spring applied, electrically released brakes
  • 1024 ppr incremental encoder


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