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Traveling and Hoistway Cables

MCE provides factory matched and labeled traveling and hoistway cables and accessories for iControl and Tricon elevator installations. Individual wires within each cable bundle are labeled (every several inches) with their respective machine room and cartop connections. You receive exactly the cables you need (with 10% spares included), saving the expense of cable bundles larger than required or of multiple cable bundles to achieve adequate capacity.


44-03-0024 Large traveling cable
44-03-0025 Small traveling cable
44-03-0026 Large hoistway cable
44-03-0027 Small hoistway cable


44-03-0029 Traveling cable


44-03-0034 Traveling cable


40-02-0177 Saddle bracket 5/32”
40-02-0194 Saddle bracket ¼”
44-08-0007 Small kellem grip 1.25-1.49”
44-08-0009 Large kellem grip 1.50-1.74”


Integration and Networking

Line Drivers, Adapters, Hubs, Modems

11-03-0003 Line driver female w/LCD RS232
C-LDF/CRT-2 Adaptor cable to convert 11-03-0003 (female) into a male line driver
24-03-0039 Ethernet switch, 5-port
24-03-0036 Ethernet switch, 8-port
ADPT-9P-RJ11 Cable adaptor
EMUL-ADDS260LF-KIT Terminal emulator kit

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