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Motion 3000ES Escalator Controller

Motion 3000ES

Motion 3000ES is a field programmable escalator control. Motion 3000ES controls provide hardware flexibility, allowing enclosure size and motor drive, control keypad, and processor board locations (in cabinet or remote) to vary depending on installation needs. Escalator controls are available in VVVF variable speed or WYE/delta direct line control versions.

Motion 3000 Escalator Control Boards

Part Number Description
30-01-0013 Pwr sup 90-264VAC 24VDC 2.4A 60C SWT DIN
33-20-0006 Prox sensor inductive 4mm w/5m Cable
33-20-0007 Prox sensor inductive 15mm w/5m cable
35-12-K09-24D Contactor ATL 6.8A 24VDC w/ diode
27-01-0055 RLY 4 form C 3A 24VDC SCKT MT
EC-INSP-BOX Escalator inspection box
EC-ADJ-PNL Escalator adjustment panel
EC-ADJ-LCD-PNL Escalator LCD adjustment panel
MC-PCA-0A Main computer board
EC-MCB Escalator main control board
EC-SCB Escalator secondary control board
27-07-0009 Rly rev/PH panel 208-240VAC 1 form C
27-07-0010 Rly Rev/PH Panel 380-480VAC 1 form C
35-12-KFC20 Cont assy-aux cont topmt 2 NO for 100-K09
35-12-C23-24D Contactor ATL 5/5/13/15/15 HP 24 VDC w/ D
35-12-C43-24D Contactor ATL 10/10/21/25/30 HP 24VDC
35-14-SB11 Contactor acc aux cont sd mt 1NO 1NC
35-14-MCA02 Contactor ACC interlock mech/elec
35-12-C85 Contactor ATL 20/25/42/50/60 HP
35-12-0011 Coil AC w/ DC Interface for 35-12-C85
35-13-EEEB Overload 5.4-27A solid state for C23 contactor
35-13-EEFD Overload 9-45A solid state for C43 contactor
35-13-EEGE Overload 18-90A solid starter for C85 contactor
11-95-0001 Field brake control 8100-10A
M-Brake-Module Brake module 300VAC In 15A out DiscrtCAN

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